Phase 1 of the John F. Kennedy International Airport New Terminal One (NTO) project is a $9.6 billion, 1.7 million square foot 14-gate, state-of-the-art new terminal building with more than 300,000 square feet of dining, retail, lounges, and recreational space. The project has a goal to reimagine the international passenger experience and accordingly the NTO will serve as a global gateway to the New York metropolitan area and set a new standard for world-class design and service, aspiring to be among the top ten airport terminals in the world.

Sustainably designed and future focused, the terminal will feature expansive, naturally lit, public spaces, cutting edge technology, and an array of amenities, all designed to enhance the customer experience and compete with some of the highest-rated airport terminals in the world.

Legacy Engineers was part of the large consulting engineering team consisting of nine (9) different engineering firms working collaboratively as a single integrated team. Legacy’s scope of services consisted of designing the radiant floor heating/sensible cooling system the displacement ventilation system and the fitout of the passenger boarding terminals (PBT’s).

The radiant floor heating/sensible cooling system consisted of ten (10) mechanical rooms containing circulating pumps that distribute 105°F hot water and 58°F chilled water to changeover valves that serve radiant floor manifolds feeding radiant tubing rollout mats located in the floor slabs throughout the Terminal.

The displacement ventilation system is fed from 100% outside air energy recovery ventilators that conditions the air to a very dry and neutral 64°F temperature and distributes air to displacement diffusers located in custom column enclosures at the floor level throughout the Terminal. The PBT’s are served by a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) air handling units that distributes 100% outside air to DOAS boxes with chilled water sensible cooling coils and hot water reheat coils.