Brooklyn Public Library has engaged Legacy Engineers to develop their Climate Action Plan for their entire Library system which includes their Main Library, located at Grand Army Plaza, and their sixty (60) Branch Libraries located throughout Brooklyn. The Climate Action Plan will map a clear pathway to achieve the NYC’s Local Law 97 mandated emissions reduction goals and will include near-term goals such as 40% GHG reductions by 2025 (“40X25”) and 50% GHG reductions by 2030 (“50X30”); as well as their long-term goal of carbon neutrality by 2050 (“80X50”). 

Legacy Engineers will conduct ASHRAE Levels I & II Energy Audits for all of their 60 Libraries: ASHRAE Level I audit for 26 facilities, encompassing approximately 694,000 square-feet; and ASHRAE Level II audits for the remaining 34 facilities, encompassing approximately 402,000 square feet. The ASHRAE Level II Audits will include energy modeling simulation of detailed building operation using spreadsheets.

The Energy Audits will also include the following enhancements:

An envelope evaluation via thermal infrared analysis for 42 facilities, with the goal of identifying low-cost or capital upgrade façade measures with the goal of reducing heating and/or cooling loads for future electrification.An electrification evaluation for all 60 facilities, to determine an estimate for the future electrical capacity needed for electrification of heating systems, as well as any necessary electrical infrastructure upgrades needed.The project deliverables include conducting Workshops with BPL stakeholders on goal setting, GHG reduction strategies, decarbonization scenario and a final Climate Action Plan report detailing all of the findings.